The Challenge

Due to limited access to a power grid, large parts of
the world still struggle to meet basic living standards.

1.3 billion people are still living in the dark, worldwide, of which 622 million are in Africa (Washington Post, 2015). Because of this, continents and countries remain at a disadvantage in health, hygine, education, connectivity and social reach.

The Alternatives


Diesel Generator

Expensive to buy, from $500, and is reliant on fuel and regular maintenance.


Solar Panels

Expensive to buy, between $4k – $13k, and is reliant on stable weather conditions.

Our Solution

We are developing a clean, low-cost, self-sustaining product that does not rely on fossil fuels or power from the sun.

Our product will be easy to install, operate and maintain. And will generate 1.5 – 2kw at a cost of just 13c per day.

Our mission is to improve living standards by providing a continious source of electrical power to everyone, anywhere.

The Solution

We are looking to create a product that doesn’t have any dependecies, is low cost and can generate 1.5 – 2 kW per day at a cost of 10p per day. It will be easy to install and self sustaining.

Who We Are

We are a leading UK designer, developer and manufacturer of progressive, sustainable technology solutions that power the world forward.

Carl is a talented, driven and globally-experienced business leader, specialising in energy conservation and related emergent-technologies. He founded and built the progressive LED light manufacturing company, QE Global, which now boasts customers including TFL, Coca Cola, Sony, and Heathrow airport.
David’s background is in growing exciting, innovative, energy and IOT start-ups. Providing strategic and business support to drive growth and success. He has also worked for major organisations including Shell and Capgemini.

Contact Details

t. +44 (0)7595430966
Power by Light
Springfield House, Springfield Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2RG